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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Third Generation iPOD

The third-generation iPod came out in
April 2003 and eventually appeared in five
different versions: 10 GB, 15 GB, 20 GB,
30 GB, and 40 GB.
The four buttons, as well as the scroll pad,
are completely touch-sensitive on this
iPod—no more mechanical controls. The
configuration of the buttons is different
here, too. They appear in a row in the
middle of the iPod between the LCD
and the scroll pad, and they light up
The third-generation iPod is the first to have a docking port on the bottom
. This port enables you to connect the iPod to a docking station
for charging or for hooking up to a sound system.

The LCD of the third-generation iPod is in monochrome, but it is backlit, which
makes the display easier to read in the dark or under bright light.
This iPod is also FireWire-based, and you need
to charge its battery through a FireWire cable,
but you can sync (as in synchronize) the iPod
to a computer through Universal Serial Bus
(USB). Syncing means updating your iPod
to match your iTunes playlists or your entire
library. It’s basically about connecting your
iPod to your computer and loading music.