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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The PSP as a Storage Device

With a Memory Stick and a PSP with an appropriate USB cable, the PSP can be used
to save any sort of data file, ultimately becoming a very large “thumb” drive. The PSP ships
with USB 2.0, so transferring your movies will happen at speeds (up to) 440 Mbps (megabits
per second), and your capacity is only limited by the Memory Stick you have. If you don’t want
to carry a bunch of thumb drives, just take your PSP with you and a decent size Memory Stick
Duo and you can play games and transfer files, without carrying any extra equipment.
Here’s what you need:
 A Memory Stick in your PSP’s Memory Stick slot
 A USB to mini-USB cable
 A computer (Mac, PC, and Linux should work fine; no drivers required)

Follow these steps to turn on the USB data transfer function:
1. Plug the mini-USB end of your USB cable into your PSP and the
other end into your computer.

2. Go to Settings in Navigator.
3. Select USB Connection and press .
Your drive appears on your computer desktop.

Don’t delete any of the folders that exist on your memory card that you didn’t create yourself.
Removing those can erase your saved game data, among other settings the PSP needs on that
Memory Stick.