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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Open Your iPod First Generation

Open Your iPod
Some iPods love to pop right open, while some just want to stay closed, but
patience rewards all practitioners. Keep at it, and don’t get too frustrated;
anyone can open any iPod. (The same holds true as dating advice.) We talk
about the iPod mini and the iPod nano later in this chapter.
Open Your First- or Second-Generation iPod
To open a first- or second-generation iPod:
1. Turn the iPod on its side, and measure about two inches from the bottom.
2. Take your plastic tool or flat-headed screwdriver, and carefully but firmly wedge it
between the plastic front and the metal back at the position you located in step 1.
If you have problems, you might try running your tool along the crack and gradually
working it in.
3. Use the plastic tool or the flat-headed screwdriver as a lever to crack open the case

4. Carefully slide the plastic tool or the flat-headed screwdriver down the side of the iPod
to release all the clips that hold it together

5. Carefully remove the back from the