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Friday, September 5, 2008

Internet Over Blue tooth in Mobile

Internet Over Bluetooth

Finally after lot of R&D, yesterday i could finally browse the net over my 6600 using my PC’s internet connection over bluetooth !
Two things are possible.
1. You use the GPRS of your Mobile phone and browse on your PC.
2. You use the DSL (or other high speed connection) of your PC to browse on your Mobile phone.
#1 is pretty simple, and is very easy to setup on Nokia 6600. But #2 is not that simple. After reading lot of forums, i found that Nokia has on purpose blocked this feature in 6600.
If you have already done a search on this topic, you would have definitely come across this page. But the instructions there are quite cryptic, and not very clear. So, i did lot of search on various forums, and finally got it right. What i have done is, i have basically documented the steps that i followed to make it work. Do give it a try!. It might work for you as well. If it works (or doesn’t) do comment here!
First lets set up the PC. Things to do on PC :

1. Deactivate all the Checkboxes in mRouter (at least the ones of the Bluetooth COM ports)
2. Goto Bluetooth settings and Deactivate everything else in Local services than Bluetooth serial port, note the com port you set as bluetooth serial port
3. Goto Phone and Modem options, go to “Modems” add a new one, activate “I will select it from a list”
4. Choose “Communications cable between 2 Computers” from the list (in Standard Modem Types)
5. Select the COM port from step3
6. In the modem settings set maximum port speed to 115200
7. Goto Network Connections and create a new connection (wizard)
8. Select Set up an advanced connection -> Next
9. Accept incoming connections -> Next
10. Check the Communications cable between two computers -> Next
11. Do not allow VPN connections ->
12. select a username you want to give access to your pc over Bluetooth (that’s the username you will set on the phone later) -> Next
13. Select Internet Protocol -> Properties, select “TCI/IP address assignment” and set the IP range to something like
14. Remove Internet Connection Sharing from all interfaces
15. run cmd.exe and enter the following commands:

netsh routing ip nat install
netsh routing ip nat add interface "YOUR LAN INTERFACE NAME" full
netsh routing ip nat add interface Internal private

YOUR LAN INTERFACE NAME has to be replaced with the name of the interface connected to the internet
16. if there is a “Bluetooth Network” connection in Network Connections delete it
17. In network connections choose the incoming connection just created, and open its properties.
18. Click on the users tab, check the last checkbox which says “Always allow directly connected devices to such as palmtop computers to connect without using a password” (this step helped me!)

So, that’s the setup on the PC. Next we need to configure the 6600

1. Download gnubox6600.SIS and install it on your phone. Search Google for GnuBox
2. Create a new Access Point on the phone (Setting|Connection|Access points|New access point|Use default settings).
3. Use the following settings for it:
* Name: Bt (This name is important, the gnubox software will look for it, since its hard-coded in the code)
* Data Bearer: High speed (GSM)
* Dial-up number: e.g. 2222. It doesn’t matter what you have here as long as it’s not empty
* Username: the username you gave access to the incoming connection earlier
* Prompt password: No
* Password: Password for the user on Windows
* Authentication: Normal
* Advanced Settings: Use Login Script Yes
* Advanced Settings: Login Script

CHARMAP [windows-1252]
SEND “CLIENT”+<0×0d>
EXIT KErrNoAnswer$OK:
Be careful that you get it exactly as show here, including line breaks. You could save it to a file, send to the phone and copy-paste to the settings.
* Advanced Settings: Use PPP Compression Yes
4. Run the program you installed at step1 (gnubox)
5. Inside gnubox: Options-> 2box Direct -> Bluetooth, select your computer, leave gnubox running in background
6. Run the nokia wml browser select “Bt” as access point and connect.
7. You can also use any other internet app like Agile messenger, real player, opera, profimail etc