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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Scan Your Hard Drive

Scanning your hard drive is, by far, the best way to tell if your iPod is
experiencing hard drive issues. The scan should always be step one when
you suspect that the hard drive is bad. Don’t go out and buy a replacement
drive until you’ve completed the scan. It does you no good to pop in a new
hard drive when the old one wasn’t the problem; imagine your surprise when
the iPod has the same stupid issue after you go to the trouble of replacing the
hard drive.
To scan your hard drive:
1. Put the iPod into diagnostic mode. See Chapter 2 for complete instructions.
2. Use the Forward and Reverse buttons to navigate the menu choices until you get
to HDD Scan.
3. Press the Select button to start the scan.
Make yourself comfortable, because this could take a while. A hard drive
scan sets you back 15 minutes to an hour for most models. Occasionally, it
takes longer.
When the scan finishes, your iPod returns HDD Scan Pass or HDD Scan Fail.
Failure indicates a bad hard drive, so go ahead and replace her. If the hard drive
passes, you need to look elsewhere for the source of your problems. Your iPod’s
logic board is the primary suspect now;