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Monday, September 1, 2008

The PC can’t recover from Sleep mode

Some computers go to sleep and never wake up. The problem was so bad
with Windows 95 that I recommended not using Sleep mode! But, since then,
things have gotten better. Still, there are times when the computer just can’t
seem to wake up from Stand By mode. Rather than thump the computer on
the head, there are a few things to try.
First, if your computer is a laptop, ensure that the battery light as well as the
“moon” light are lit. These indicate that the computer has power and that it’s
still in Sleep mode, respectively. When either button is out, the laptop’s battery
has drained and, well, there’s your problem! Plug the laptop into the
wall, and you can use it again.
Second, determine whether this is a one-time event. Turn off the computer
. When the computer comes on again, let it sit until Stand
By mode comes back on. Then, see whether the same thing happens and the
computer cannot revive itself. If so, see the section “Fixing the powermanagement
software,” a little later in this chapter.
If the problem with Stand By is a one-time thing, what happened, most likely,
is that some program kicked the bucket during the sleep process. The problem
is with that one program, not with Stand By mode itself or your computer’s
power-management hardware. (And, it’s tough to determine which program
walked the green mile, so just let it be.)
Third, when all else fails, just avoid using Stand By mode or just use Stand By
on the computer’s monitor instead. Leave the system and its hard drives on,
but after a given interval, have the computer shut off the monitor for you.