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Monday, September 1, 2008

Sprint, Samsung Work on Instinct iPhone Clone

JUST IN TIME for the Apple iPhone’s fi rst anniversary, Sprint
and Samsung plan to deliver the most serious competing product
yet: the Instinct. A bit taller, narrower, and thicker than
the iPhone, with a resistive touch screen (versus the iPhone’s
more-sensitive, capacitive display), the Instinct has some features
that the iPhone doesn’t—mobile broadband (EvDO Rev.
A), GPS, a platform for third-party apps (BREW on Java), and
(likely) a more wallet-friendly price tag.
THREE TOUCH-ENABLED BUTTONS with haptic (vibration) feedback anchor the
navigation system: Back returns you to the previous screen; Phone opens the dialpad
and other phone functions; and Home presents four main application groups.
The groups are Favorites, which you defi ne; Main (shown at left) for e-mail, GPS
navigation, messaging, and other general data apps; Fun (shown below) for music,
video, games, a camera, and other leisure activities; and Web, for launching the
landscape-mode browser (shown above). The Instinct supports fi ngertip scrolling,
visual voice mail, and Bluetooth for both stereo headset and phone-as-modem use.