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Sunday, September 7, 2008

ReplacingiPod broken screen

Obviously, the
screen on his laser video was working just fine. Hopefully, you
can say the same for the screen on your iPod, but if you can’t,
this chapter is for you. In it, we show you how to remove your
iPod’s broken liquid crystal display (LCD) and install a brandnew one.
Check the Signs of a Bad Screen
A bad screen is fairly easy to diagnose. When you turn on your iPod, you see
what looks like an inkblot in the display. Sometimes it seems to be a large crack
or a flood of ink, while other times it looks more like a little sliver.
Either way, your LCD needs to be replaced. You don’t break open the screen
itself and try to clean up the spilled ink. You just pop out the old screen and
install a new one.

Replace the Screen in
a First-Generation iPod
To replace the screen in a first-generation
1. Open the iPod according to the instructions
2. Pull the battery from the back of the hard
drive. There is adhesive
holding it down.
3. Unplug the battery from the logic board.
4. Carefully slide the hard drive from the orange
hard drive connector.

5. Pull the hard drive from the iPod

6. Find the four T6 Torx screws in the logic board. A large piece of rubber covers one of
them; remove the rubber to expose the fourth screw

7. With your T6 Torx screwdriver, remove all four screws

8. Remove the logic board from the bottom of the iPod (see Figure 5-7).
9. The screen has four white clips: two on each side of the logic board. These clips hold
the screen in place. Disconnect them

10. Find the connector for the screen underneath the scroll wheel. Carefully unplug this
connector with your iPod-opening tool or small flat-headed screwdriver

11. Connect the new screen to the logic board.
12. Connect the four white clips, and make sure they’re holding the screen in place.
13. Screw in all four T6 Torx screws to the logic board.
14. Slide the hard drive back into the hard drive connector.
15. Plug the battery back into the logic board.
16. Put the iPod back together.