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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Identify Your iPod

October 23, 2001, is one for the history books. It was a Tuesday. On that day,
after decades of armed resistance, the Provisional Irish Republican Army of
Northern Ireland—the PIRA—announced that its members would put their
guns to the ground, that they could not shoot them anymore, as Bob Dylan
might have described it. (Perhaps it was getting too dark to see.) On One Life
to Live, Nora further alienated Sam when he overheard her tell Troy that she
wanted him; she meant as a doctor, but Sam assumed otherwise. And Apple
released its very first iPod.
The PIRA has since ended its armed campaign. Troy was marked for murder,
but Sam was accidentally killed in his place, and Nora was able to get on
with her life, while the iPod has become one of the most successful consumer
electronic devices ever manufactured.
The iPod has been through four or five generations, depending on how you
count them (not unlike a soap opera, come to thik of it)