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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Accessing E-mail and Webmail in your PSP

The number one use for the Internet is accessing e-mail. The PSP does not ship with a mail
client, and rightly so—it would have to store its messages on the Memory Stick, which is
expensive storage, and there’s no keyboard. However, the PSP is an ideal reader for many types of media, including e-mail, so all you need is a Web browser, the right Web site to retrieve your
e-mail, and a Wi-Fi connection.
If your Web mail server requires a certain port to be used, such as http://mail, you have to enter the http:// as well as the :8383. If you don’t
enter the http://, the PSP’s Web browsers will usually time out (this is a bug in Sony’s software,
it’s not your server).
If you already have Web mail access, go ahead and use that. Most Web mail programs should
work fine with any of the PSP Web browsers (including Microsoft Exchange Webmail).
However, if you don’t already have Webmail access, you don’t have to go get your own server or
kidnap a hacker. Simply point your browser to Mail2Web is a
free service that enables you to enter your e-mail address and password and send and receive
mail from anywhere with just your PSP and an Internet connection.
If you want to use your cell phone with Mail2Web, go to

Accessing e-mail on the PSP with Mail2Web

Sony PSP Web Browser Tips
Here are a few tips to save you a lot of time when using the official Sony PSP Web browser
that shipped starting with PSP Firmware 2.0:
 Use the Bookmark feature, which is the same as Internet Explorer’s Favorites feature. It
saves you a lot of typing.To access the bookmarks feature, press ^ to access the Web
browser menu, and then go to the picture of the heart and press x. Press x on
Bookmarks.To add a bookmark, navigate to the page you want to bookmark, and then
go to your bookmarks and select Add to Bookmarks.
If you use the bookmarks feature of Sony’s Web browser, a Memory Stick must be inserted for
the PSP to save the bookmarks file.

 When you need to scroll around a page, hold downd square button then use the analog (round)
stick to scroll the page up, down, left. and right.
 If you often visit the same site first, such as your Webmail, RSS feeds, search engine, and
so forth, make it your default home page.To set your default home page, press ^ to
open the Web browser menu, and then scroll over to the toolbox icon, and press x.
Select Settings and press x. Then select Home Page Settings and press x. Enter
the home page you would like to use, and then press x to save it. Now whenever you
press x on the Home icon in the PSP menu, you are taken to the Web site you just
 If you have to use a proxy server on your network, press ^ to open the Web browser
menu, and then scroll over to the toolbox icon and press x . Select Settings and
press x . Then select Proxy Server Settings and press x . Enter your proxy information
and you should be able to browse the Web. Unfortunately, Sony’s Web browser
doesn’t support profiles, so if you switch networks, you will have to remove and re-enter
proxy information as needed.


Mandy Oviatt said...

using webmail can be a difficult task if you are not certain how to do it.
thanks for the tips on using webmail on the PSP!