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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fourth Generation iPOD (ipod photo and color)

The iPod photo with its full-color LCD and capacity for storing and displaying
digital photos first appeared in October 2004 as a separate product alongside
the standard fourth-generation monochrome iPod. Eventually—in June 2005,
to be exact—Apple stopped making the iPod monochrome and dropped photo
from the name of the newer product. From that point on, what had once been
the iPod photo was now simply the iPod.
With the notable exception of the color LCD, the iPod photo looks identical
to the fourth-generation monochrome iPod, right down to the docking port
. Despite appearances, though, the internal parts of the iPod
photo are not compatible with those of a fourth-generation monochrome iPod.
The storage capacities of the internal hard drive were different, too, with 20-GB,
30-GB, 40-GB, and 60-GB models. On a performance note, audiophiles tend to
point to the iPod photo as being the best sounding of all the iPods.