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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Changing the PSP’s Background Color

You know that background color for Navigator screens that seems to magically change every
once in a while? Well, the truth is it’s keyed on the PSP’s date settings.To change your background
color, simply change the date on your PSP, like this:
1. Go to Settings.
2. Go to Date and Time Settings.
3. Change the month in the date (see Table 3-2 for a list of colors).

Table 3-2 Month colors on the PSP
Month - Background color
January - Silver
February - Light Gold
March - Lime Green
April - Pink
May - Green
June - Periwinkle Blue
July - Sky Blue
August - Pure Blue + Sky Blue (it’s mixed)
September - Purple
October - Gold
November - Bronze
December - Red

New Background Features in Firmware 2.0

With Firmware 2.0 (a.k.a. System Update 2.0), Sony introduced the ability to change the
background color to any of the colors mentioned in Table 3-2, although it’s possible that future
firmware versions may let you choose any color. You can even set a photo to be your background,
or wallpaper, image if you have images on your Memory Stick.
To change your background color, open the PSP Navigator and select Settings, then Theme
Settings, then Theme, and set your background color by pressing X on the color of your choice.
If you change the setting back to Original, it will go back to the monthly color changing

Changing Your Wallpaper

To set your wallpaper image, open the PSP Navigator, select Photo, and then select the image
you want as your wallpaper (background image) by pressing X on the selected image.When
the image is displayed, press TRIANGLE, and select the icon for “Set as Wallpaper” and press
X. Select Yes when your PSP asks you if you want it to set the image as the wallpaper. Then
press O when it says “Save completed” and your wallpaper is set.
To disable your wallpaper, open the PSP Navigator and select Settings, then Theme Settings,
and then Wallpaper. Change the option from Use to Do Not Use to turn off your wallpaper.
You can set it to Use to turn it back on again. After turning off your wallpaper, your background
color reappears.