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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Syncing the PSP with Your Computer

A number of utilities have emerged that automatically sync your PSP’s saved game data, music,
music, photos, movies, and even Web site bookmarks. These products include iPSP, PSPWare,
PSP Sync, PSP Video 9, Browser 2 PSP (I wrote that one), and a number of others. iPSP and
PSPWare are the most popular “all around syncing” utilities, while PSP Video 9 is the most
popular video conversion and sync product (plus it’s free). I cover these products in detail in
Chapter 10, “Video Hacks,” and Chapter 23, “Synchronization and Utility Software.”
You don’t have to use a program to move data from your PC to your PSP or vice versa. Using
the PSP’s built-in USB connection capability, you can back up your games, transfer music,
images, and video back and forth, and even transfer your Web bookmarks. Of course, it’s a little
more difficult because you have to do all the manual work, and the utilities I discuss do a lot of
the work for you automatically, but it’s fairly simple if you don’t want to install additional software
on your machine.

PSP Media location

Media type Location
Video MP_ROOT \ 100MNV01
Photos PSP \ PHOTO
Games PSP \ GAME
Saved games PSP \ SAVEDATA
Browser data PSP \ SYSTEM \ BROWSER
Shared data (usually the default PSP \ SHARED
location for Web browser downloads)