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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Check the Sign ofof a bad Hardrive of your iPod

Hard drives go bad from wear and tear. The disks, or platters, inside a hard
drive physically spin at an insane rate of speed, which is 3,600 times per minute
on the slow side. Before you’ve used your iPod for five hours, the platters might
have spun a million times. After about a year of regular use, they’ve spun a
billion times. And that’s just with the slowpokes. Faster iPod hard drives spin
4,200 times per minute, while computer hard drives can spin as fast as 7,200,
10,000, or 15,000 times per minute.
How do you know if your iPod’s hard drive is shot? If your iPod shows the sad
iPod face, there’s a good chance that a bad hard drive is the cause. You should
scan the hard drive to make sure.
Occasionally, when you’re loading music to your iPod, it slows down or stops
loading altogether. This might also indicate that your hard drive is bad, but scan
the hard drive before you arrive at that conclusion.
A less subjective way to tell if your hard drive is shot is to put your iPod up
to your ear and listen to it. A bad hard drive often makes a lot of noise, from
a rapid clicking to a kind of grinding. Sometimes this noise is really loud. If
you’ve ever heard it, you know exactly what it sounds like. Marc will never
forget that sound for as long as he lives, because it was the sound of his data
going bye-bye. You know, the data that he didn’t adequately back up.