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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fourth Generation iPOD (monochrome)

July 2004 saw the release of the fourthgeneration
iPod in 20-GB and 40-GB models.
This iPod sported a Click Wheel instead of
buttons , which it borrowed
from the iPod mini, as you’ll see a bit later
in this chapter. The Play/Pause, Menu, Forward, and Reverse functions all
appear on the grey-colored disc that sits atop mechanical buttons.
The fourth-generation iPod includes the docking port from the third generation,
and it expands its support of USB beyond syncing. You can fully connect a
fourth-generation iPod to another device for recharge as well as data transfer by
FireWire or USB. The fourth generation also saw the release of the Apple iPod
from HP, or iPod + hp, as it’s sometimes called, which lasted about a year in the
The LCD of a fourth-generation iPod displays in monochrome and is
backlit. The issue gets a little stickier, however, with the introduction of the
iPod photo, as you’ll see momentarily. To distinguish the original fourthgeneration
iPod from the iPod photo, you sometimes hear the unofficial
name “iPod monochrome” to refer specifically to the fourth-generation
monochrome model.