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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

open your iPod Mini

Open Your iPod Mini
To open a first- or second-generation iPod mini:
1. This step is optional, so feel free to skip it. With your hair dryer or heat gun, heat the
top and bottom pieces of the iPod mini until they are fairly warm to the touch. Your goal
here is to soften up the adhesive behind the plastic. You do not want to deform the
plastic or melt it.
2. Carefully pry off the white plastic pieces on the top and bottom of the iPod mini. To do
this, wedge your plastic tool or flat-headed screwdriver between the metal shell and
the white plastic pieces.

3. At the top of the iPod mini, you see two small screws: one on each side.
With your Phillips-head screwdriver, remove both screws.

4. At the bottom of the iPod mini, you see a small piece of metal. You need to remove
it, but don’t worry. It should come out easily enough. The piece of metal is springclipped
in place. Dislodge the two clips; a screwdriver works better here than your

plastic tool. Then pry out the piece of metal with your plastic tool or flat-headed

5. Behind the piece of metal, you see the button of the Click Wheel.
Gently—for the love of Janis, gently—unplug the Click Wheel
connector .
6. Carefully push from the bottom, and slide the insides of the iPod
mini out through the top as you hum “Within
You Without You” from Sgt. Pepper.