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Sunday, August 31, 2008

DIVX/Xvid to DVD

Gui4fmpeg is a graphic user interface to handle encoding with ffmpeg. It includes mp3 and ac3 support. Gui4ffmpeg can read from AviSynth files.

How to convert DIVX/XVID to DVD

1. Load the DIVX/XVID file with Open file.

2. Select DVD in the Target list box.

3. Choose PAL or NTSC in the Format field.

4. Under Aspect you should use the aspect ratio of the source.

5. Change Bitrate optionally.

6. Choose mp2 or ac3 (ac3: change audio Bitrate and Channels optionally).

8. Select the output file with Save file.

9. Press the Generate button, the ffmpeg command will be displayed.

10. Press the Encode button. Ffmpeg's DOS box occurs and the file will

be encoded. Close the DOS box, if the process is finished.

The DVD compliant MPEG file is created.

Download Link :